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Tune in 2 Course Components


Student's Book

Student's Book sample pages
  • Eight core units – Theme-based, with topics selected to interest teenagers and to reflect modern life. Each unit follows the same clear structure of four double-page sections: one for each skill. Tune in boxes in every section introduce students to strategies and subskills essential for successful skills work. Vocabulary and grammar focus boxes are regular features in all units.
  • One review unit – Unit 9 reviews vocabulary and grammar from Student's Book 2 and focuses on useful exam strategies.
  • Three Check and Test sections – Double-page consolidation units to provide further skills practice and to recycle key language from preceding Student's Book units.
  • Pairwork activities
  • Fine Tuning exercise bank – An 18-page section of additional activities and exercises to extend the new language and skills work presented in the Student's Book units.
  • On Air reference section – An 18-page bank of reference material to support the On Air productive tasks set in the Speaking and Writing sections of the Student's Book units. Each section includes useful vocabulary and grammar, model answers and extensive tips to aid students' performance.
  • Tapescripts – Transcripts of all audio material from the Student's Book, for reference and pronunciation practice.

Language Reference

Language Reference sample pages
  • Complete grammar guide with clear, concise examples and illustrations.
  • Careful! notes draw students' attention to common learner errors.
  • Tips highlight correct usage of new structures.
  • Unit-by-unit vocabulary lists of new words and expressions grouped in lexical fields with phonetic transcript.
  • Phonetic chart.
  • Irregular verbs chart.

Student's CD and CD-ROM

Student's CD and CD-ROM
  • All Student's Book audio material from listening tasks.
  • Interactive self-check vocabulary and grammar exercises covering all of the main language taught in Tune in 2.
  • Interactive self-check pronunciation exercises.
  • Reinforces students' language learning outside the classroom.


Workbook sample pages
  • Nine units – Clearly-structured to enable students to work alone, Workbook units provide comprehensive and thorough practice of Student's Book contents, and further skills work.
  • Nine Check and Test spreads – Double-page consolidation units revising the topics and task types from each Student's Book unit.
  • Amplifier sections – Regular sections revising and extending the language points examined in the Fine Tuning sections of the Student's Book.
  • Tip boxes – Appear frequently to highlight common learner errors and correct usage of new structures.
  • Tapescripts – Transcripts of all audio material from the Workbook, for reference and pronunciation practice.
  • Phonetic chart.
  • Irregular verbs chart.

Exam Guide

Exam Guide sample pages
  • Three complete university entrance exams.
  • Based on PAU exam texts and tasks.
  • Clear examples of completed PAU questions.
  • Tips and strategies for successful exam performance.
  • Additional Listening and Speaking sections.

Language Portfolio

Language Portfolio sample pages
The Common European Framework and the Tune in
Language Portfolio

The Common European Framework has been a key point of reference for the designers of recent education legislation within Spain, where language syllabus writers highlight the importance of language for communication, and as a tool for understanding and learning about different cultures. The Common European Framework also underlines the value of establishing clear learning goals and reflecting on one's language learning; two trends clearly reflected in language learning throughout Europe. The Tune in Language Portfolio has been developed to provide teachers and students with a practical tool to work on these areas during the course.

Communication across cultures

Students are encouraged to reflect on cultural issues in the My Language Biography and the My Language Passport sections of their portfolio, where they reflect on their contact with other cultures and languages and discuss their language learning and intercultural experiences. In addition, background cultural notes in the Teacher's Book and the focus on English-speaking culture in the Tune in to Culture worksheets in the Resource Book provide teachers with opportunities to focus on culture in the classroom. The Mock Exams in the Teacher's Book focus on further aspects of English-speaking culture.

Clear learning goals

The My Language Biography section of the Tune in Language Portfolio includes a section where students prioritise their Tune in learning goals and evaluate their progress during the course. In addition, the On Air tasks in the Student's Book provide students with a clear goal which, if successfully attained, gives them a sense of achievement and contributes to their motivation and self-esteem. Students can also collect their best examples of On Air tasks in the My Language Dossier section of the portfolio.

Reflection on learning

The My Language Biography section of the Tune in Language Portfolio gives students the opportunity to reflect on their attitudes and approaches to learning, and to brainstorm techniques for improving their skills performance. In addition, the Tune in strategy boxes in the Student's Book make students aware of the sub-skills and strategies which can help their learning and skills performance.

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Workbook Multi-ROM

Workbook Multi-ROM
  • All Workbook audio material from listening tasks for PC or CD player.
  • Richmond Electronic Dictionary Spanish / English
  • Richmond Student's Dictionary Catalan / English

Tune in 2 Grammar Practice

Grammar Practice sample pages

Tune in Grammar Practice booklets are comprehensive grammar guides with clear, concise explanations and practice activities.

  • The booklets review, consolidate and extend all the grammar covered in Tune in.
  • Carefully graded exercises provide students with contextualised practice of the grammar curriculum.
  • The self-study editions with answer keys promote learner autonomy.
  • Tune in Grammar Practice can be used to supplement Tune in and for revision and practice.


Teacher's Book

Teacher's Book sample pages
  • Step-by-step lesson plans with answer keys and tapescripts.
  • Lead-in sections, background notes and extra activities.
  • Clearly-referenced to Resource Book and Language Reference.
  • Photocopiable Mock Exams at three levels of difficulty, including Listening and Speaking sections.
  • Workbook answer key.

Resource book

Resource book sample pages Resource book sample pages Resource book sample pages Resource book sample pages Resource book sample pages Resource book sample pages
  • Photocopiable worksheets – Four worksheets for each Student's Book unit to revise new language, develop Tune in strategies and extend skills work.
  • For use in the classroom, as homework, for tests or for self-evaluation.
  • Clear and self-explanatory for students to complete without assistance.
  • Full teaching notes, answer keys with model answers and tapescripts.
  • Tune in to Vocabulary and Grammar – Written practice of new language in the Student's Book.
  • Tune in to Reading – Original reading texts, thematically linked to Student's Book, provide practice of reading strategies and introduce related sub-skills.
  • Tune in to Writing – Model texts, corresponding to text types in the Student's Book, are examined in detail, before students are set a writing task.
  • Tune in to Culture – Speaking activities including: discussions, quizzes, pair work and group work, based on aspects of English-speaking culture, encourage students to make cross-cultural comparisons.
  • Nine Unit Tests – Focus on the Student's Book vocabulary and grammar and include a reading section related to the topic of the unit.
  • Three Term Tests thematically linked to the Student's Book topics and written to cover the language contents of the units, including listening and speaking sections.

Class CDs and CD-ROM

Class CDs and CD-ROM
  • Class CDs – All audio material from Student's Book, Workbook, Resource Book Term Tests and Teacher's Book Mock Exams.
  • The Richmond Test Generator CD-ROM – Easy-to-use software for teachers to create customised vocabulary and grammar tests to print and use in class according to students' needs.
  • Teachers can select questions from the Test Generator database or choose to include their own.
  • Students' progress can be recorded in an easily accessible way.



Tune in 2 eSOLUTIONS pack contains:

  • CD 1 Tune in 2 eBOOK
    An innovative electronic version of Tune in 2.
    A complete interactive teacher's guide to the course and contents.
    Use with an interactive whiteboard to fully exploit all the course materials.
    Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
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  • CD2 Tune in 2 Syllabus
    A comprehensive outline of Tune in 2 including objectives, activities and materials.